NuViSal products
natural and ecological remedy
for skin problems

NuViSal product family

The NuViSal Birch Cream, Birch Oil and Birch Shampoo offer the complete product family for whole body care.

Birch Cream is meant for large skin and bending areas as well as for soles and hollows of feet and hands. It is supplied on the basis of vaseline and, as the latest result of our product development, on the basis of palm butter. In this case the basis cream used by us is also BIO certified. Each of these alternatives are offered in 3 different concentrations: light, strong and extra strong. The packaging is in jars of 30ml, 50ml and 100ml.

Birch Oil is a popular remedy for the rehabiliation of the scalp. It is offered in 2 different concentrations: light and strong, each of them in 50ml glass bottle.

Birch Shampoo is ideal for a frequent wash of the hair, but also of the whole body. The content of the bottle is 200ml.

The use

The NuViSal products are produced of birch distillation residues and meant for people with different types of skin of all ages.

The product is rubbed on the eruptive area 1-2 times during 24 hours. During the treatment, do not rub on more than 25 % of the whole body. The treatment may last 0,5 - 12 hours, after which a normal wash with soap or shampoo can be necessary.

In some cases it is possible that during the first couple of days appears a feeling of burn on the treated area. Consequently we recommend to apply a less stronger concentration for a short period.

When treating small children and persons with very sensitive skin, it is recommended to dilute the Birch Cream with some basis cream like for example white vaseline or palm butter and the Birch Oil with cold-pressed rape-seed oil. Special concentrations of the products can be ordered also from us.

According to the users` experiences heat has proved to have a favourable impact on the effectiveness of the product. This is shown for instance by the fact that the cornified layer has become thinner on the problematic areas. For this reason we recommend that the treatment is carried out, if possible, when you are having a sauna bath. Due to the heat the effective components are more rapidly absorbed into the skin and the duration time of the treatment can be shortened, too.

Caution! Simultaneous use of cortisone ointments may result in a weakened impact of the products made of birch distillation residues.

NuViSal - natural and ecological

Various vegetable oils have traditionally been used as a remedy for different kinds of skin problems. A few well-known medicinal preparations are derivatives of herbs with experiences and traditions of many centuries.

The NuViSal products made of birch distillation residues are well-known, safe and natural.

The birches used for the production of the distillation residues have quite small diameters and there are special suppliers of the wood. Thus, the origin and the fertile circumstances of the raw material can easily be found out and even the harvest area can be traced, if necessary.The birch distillation residues are produced in an oxygen-free dry distillation process patented by Charcoal Finland Ltd. As a result of this process there are no harmful emissions to soil, water or air, which means that NuViSal products are also ecological.

The active component of the skin treatment products is extracted from the birch distillation residue and mixed with white vaseline, palm butter or cold-pressed rape-seed oil.